Notable Decisions, Actions, and Events

August 18, 1925, Bro. J. E. Crabb, Worshipful Master. Bro. Dan S. Dunham presented the Lodge with a beautiful engraved gold Master’s Jewel which is to be worn by and handed down from Master to Master. The gold was donated by Bro. J. E. Crabb.

September 28, 1927, Bro. T. L. McClanahan, Worshipful Master. This was a summoned meeting in which a communication from the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas was read. It was in relation to the urgent need of relief of our brethren and members of their families afflicted with tuberculosis. Simply stated; there were 474 persons afflicted and that 221 of them are in need of immediate assistance. It also suggested remedies and recommended ways of carrying them out.

December 20, 1927, Bro. T. L. McClanahan, Worshipful Master. Motion made and carried that the Grand Lodge representative be given a maximum of $25.00 for expenses.

July 3, 1928, Bro. J. N. Frazar, Worshipful Master. The minutes began being typed. No previous mention was made in any of the minutes about the purchase or donation of a typewriter. Reading is a lot easier!

August 7, 1928, Bro. J. N. Frazar, Worshipful Master. Brother’s J. M. Stephens, W. W. Knopp, and W. D. Turbeville were appointed by the W. M. to meet with the Associated Masonic Bodies with the view of arranging a satisfactory rent agreement and report back to the Lodge at its next regular meeting of August 21, 1928.

August 21, 1928, Bro. J. N. Frazar, Worshipful Master. Brother’s J. M. Stephens, W. W. Knopp, and W. D. Turbeville reported they had conferred with the Associated Masonic Bodies. By motion, the committee was instructed to offer to enter into a written agreement at $35.00 per month for the next three years and report back to the lodge.

October 18, 1928, Bro. J. M. Stephens, Worshipful Master (pro-tem). A Master Masons Lodge was duly opened to confer the MM degree on Bro.’s Carlos Bee Payne and Robert Wade Payne. Visitors from Indiana, Iowa, California, Oklahoma, Illinois, Virginia, Ohio, Kansas, Canal Zone, Honolulu and Mexico were present. The visitor’s book shows 152 present and there were several that failed to register.

December 20, 1928, Bro. J. N. Frazer, Worshipful Master. The resolution introduced November 20, 1928 to change the By-laws for annual dues from $6.00 to $7.50 beginning January 1, 1929 was read and adopted.

December 16, 1930, Bro. A. D. Mangham, Worshipful Master. The Lodge purchased a coffee urn and three dozen tin coffee cups from Beacon Hill Furniture Company for $2.52.

July 19, 1932, Bro. O. J. Solcher, Worshipful Master. It was voted to change the By-laws to reflect the change in annual dues from $7.50 to $6.00 and adopted.

August 2, 1932, Bro. O. J. Solcher, Worshipful Master. The first financial report was completed and read to the lodge on this night, an excerpt: “We verified the amounts paid the each of the different Lodge obligations such as salary, instructors, Tiler’s, and Lodge expenses and etc. We find the books have been carefully, efficiently and intelligently kept, with few minor errors, and in no place did we find any evidence to show that any funds have been misplaced, or any money lost to the Lodge. We respectfully recommend that in the future the Finance Committee check up the books at least once a year and file with the Lodge, for record, an itemized statement of all monies due the Lodge at the time.”

April 8, 1933, Bro. O. J. Solcher, Worshipful Master. A Master Masons Lodge was duly opened to confer the MM degree on Bro. Aubrey S. Hudson. The full regalia degree team from Hondo City Lodge No. 756, A F & A M consisted of Bro.’s Earl Starnes, W. M.; H. H. Crow, S. W.; Ben G. Wiemers, J.W.; W. N. Saathoff, Puston Gaines, and others. The Honorable Mayor, C. K. Quinn of San Antonio, Past Master of Columbia Lodge No. 68, Columbus, Texas made a very interesting talk, followed by talks from Bro.’s W. N. Saathoff, Horace Kelton and others. Every Lodge in the city was represented and the following outside Lodges: San Marcos Lodge No. 352; Tampico Lodge No. 10, Tampico, Mexico; Wright’s Grove Lodge No.779, Chicago, Illinois; Carolina Lodge No. 330, Lott, Texas; Canton Lodge No. 28, Canton, Mississippi; San Gabriel Lodge No. 89, Georgetown, Texas; Refugio Lodge No. 1019, Woodsboro, Texas; Yancy Lodge No. 1076, Jeptha Lodge No. 469, Floresville Texas and others. About 100 Masons were present and all apparently enjoyed the work immensely.

January 4, 1934, Bro. H. E. Nutt, Worshipful Master. Called meeting for the celebration of the 10th Anniversary. Dr. D. N. Cushing, the first Worshipful Master of Texas Lodge was called to take the East. Bro. Cushing in his usual happy way proceeded to give a detailed history of Texas Lodge, explaining how it came to be organized and who were the brethren that had taken the important part in its organization. He said that Texas Lodge received its Charter on December 7, 1923 and was set to work on January 4, 1924 by Past Grand Master Nat Washer. He recognized each of the Past Masters of Texas Lodge and said that the Lodge had grown from 120 members to twice that amount at the present date. An enjoyable program of music, readings, and toe-dancing, etc. was rendered.

January 19, 1937, Bro. J. W. Ingram, Worshipful Master. Bro. Horace Kelton demonstrated a picture machine for giving lectures. The Lodge expressed itself as satisfied with the machine and by an order duly seconded the secretary was ordered to make a check for $35.00 payable to Bro. Kelton in full payment for the machine.

May 21, 1946, Bro. Jack Casper, Worshipful Master. Bro. Jesse F. Tyson, representative for Texas Lodge in the Masonic Center Company reported that he had offered the Center Co. $30,000.00 for their property at the corner of Richmond and St. Mary’s Streets in the name of Texas Masonic Lodge. The Lodge approved this offer and authorized an offer of $35,000.00 for all the holdings of the Masonic Center Company.

July 2, 1946, Bro. Glen A. Prucia, Worshipful Master. Bro. Jesse F. Tyson, representative for Texas Lodge in the Masonic Center Company announced that he had sold Texas Lodges’ share of stock in the Masonic Center Co. to the Masonic Center Co. for $7,600.00. Upon due motion a vote (unanimous) of thanks and confidence was given. And the Lodge approved this action. (Note: no mention of the outcome of the offer to purchase the Masonic Center Co. between May 21 and this action)

October 15, 1946, Bro. Glen A. Prucia, Worshipful Master. The committee who had been appointed to investigate the Tobin Hill Drug Store property reported. After a full discussion it was decided not to buy the property at the present time.

February 18, 1947, Bro. Wayne C. Simpson, Worshipful Master. Bro.’s Wm. C. Ahrens, L. J. Engelking, Donald L. Hawkes, George Price, and Jesse F. Tyson were appointed to serve with the permanent building committee. The building committee recommended that Texas Lodge buy the property situated at Turner and Washington Streets for $6,800.00 or less. After a full discussion the committee was authorized to make said purchase.

March 4, 1947, Bro. Wayne C. Simpson, Worshipful Master. Bro. Wayne Simpson, Chairman of the Building Committee reported that the Lodge had purchased the property at Washington and Turner Streets. Bro. Strech told the Lodge that he had just completed the survey and that it was now in the hands of the Title Co. The Lodge approved these reports.

February 3, 1948, Bro. Wayne C. Simpson, Worshipful Master. Bro. Jesse F. Tyson, secretary, read a letter from the Grand Secretary stating the per capita assessment had gone up from $4.00 per member to $8.00 per member. The Lodge voted to pay $1,496.00 to Grand Lodge right away.

March 16, 1948, Bro. Wayne C. Simpson, Worshipful Master. A statement from Bro. J. M. Marriott for Texas Masonic Lodge construction plans recently drawn and estimates of cost was read. It was unanimously voted to ask Bro. Bruce Waitz (who volunteered his services) to write Bro. Marriott a letter and get the actual bill owed by Texas Lodge and that the bill be paid in full thereby releasing the Lodge from obligation, moral or otherwise, to Bro. Marriott.

September 21, 1948, Bro. Wayne C. Simpson, Worshipful Master. Bro. Floyd F. Prozanski made a talk during which he introduced Bro. John M. Marriott, an Architect who has drawn up plans for a proposed new building for Texas Lodge. Bro. Marriott answered all questions and gave descriptions of the proposed new building. The W. M. announced that the Lodge would decide at the next Stated Communication what would be done about building.

October 5, 1948, Bro. Wayne C. Simpson, Worshipful Master. Bro. Floyd F. Prozanski made the following motion: “That we instruct our architect to make up detailed plans for the construction of a building 37 feet wide and 70 feet long and otherwise similar to the attached drawing. After the above is completed the contractors of this area be invited to bid on the cost of construction of the building of the above plans with the provision that Texas Lodge No. 8 A F & A M may accept any one or reject all bids submitted. That a committee of four be appointed to carry out the above work and submit the bids, when received, to the Lodge.” Bro. E. S. Bowren seconded the motion. After about one hour and one half’s discussion the motion was passed by unanimous consent of the Brethren present. The W. M. then named the following four Brethren to serve on the above-mentioned committee: Carl M. Stockton, H. T. Davis, Floyd F. Prozanski, and Jesse F. Tyson.

November 16, 1948, Bro. Wayne C. Simpson, Worshipful Master. Bro. Floyd F. Prozanski, made a talk to the Lodge concerning proposed plans of raising money for the construction of the new building for Texas Lodge and suggested that those who wished to do so should get a list of twenty names from the secretary and contact personally each member on their list for donations to the new building and report at the Stated Meeting of 7 Dec 48. Upon due motion, the suggestion of Bro. Prozanski was adopted by the Lodge, which also authorized the printing of the cuts and plans of the new building. The following named Brethren agreed to contact twenty or more members: Bro.’s: G. R. Craig (30), A. R. Bell, F. F. Prozanski, Wm. T. Neill, Roger Phillips, Carroll Meadows, Leroy J. Willman, Archie T. Roper, George Price (50), E. S. Bowren, Wm. L. Baker, L. J. Donaldson. The following Brethren agreed to contact 10 members each: O. M. Sowell, James T. Moak, O. S. North, M. B. Pulliam, O. N. Mobley, A. J. Skiles, Robert B. Akers and C. O. Harper. The secretary was instructed to get the Brethren their lists as soon as possible. Quite an enthusiastic discussion followed with everyone optimistic as to the outcome of the campaign. There being no further business appearing for attention, with Peace and Harmony prevailing, the Master Masons Lodge was duly closed.

December 7, 1948, Bro. Wayne C. Simpson, Worshipful Master. The building committee represented by Bro. Floyd F. Prozanski reported that the bids for the new building had been opened and that the following were low bidders and recommended that their bids be accepted, subject to the approval of the Grand Lodge. Vincent and Anthony Falboa, General Contractors, $37,617.00; Krause Electric Company, Electrical Contractors, $1,525.00; John A. Albert, Plumbing Contractor, $1,850.00; and M. E. Hatt, Air-Conditioning Contractor, $4.845.00. The combined total being $45,837.00, with the Architects fee of $2,291.00 making the building actually cost $48,829.00. After a full and free discussion the Lodge voted unanimously to accept the bids and start construction as soon as the Grand Lodge’s approval was obtained and proper financial arrangements were completed.

December 21, 1948, Bro. Wayne C. Simpson, Worshipful Master. 25 members and 6 visitors were present. Upon due motion and after a full discussion it was voted by 24 to 1 to pay Bro. A. R. Marriott $1,200.00 as part payment for the work he has performed as Architect on the new proposed building of Texas Lodge.

April 15, 1949, Bro. Carl M. Stockton, Worshipful Master. Past Master’s night. The speaker of the evening, Rev. Sydney C. Dunn, a member of this Lodge was introduced by the WM. Bro. Dunn delighted the brethren with a song and some jokes for about fifteen minutes. Then for about five minutes he really got serious preaching the tenants of Freemasonry. His talk was exceptionally well received and there is no doubt but that it had far reaching effects. Members present – 130, Visitors present – 26.

December 20, 1949, Bro. H. T. Davis, Worshipful Master. The building committee reported that the Grand Lodge of Texas had approved the building plans submitted by Texas Lodge and had granted permission for Texas Lodge to build their building. It also reported that Bro.’s Wm. L. Baker, J. W. Blunt, and Jesse Tyson had gone to Waco on Dec. 13 and offered the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas $850.00 for 7 station chairs, 3 pedestals and one alter used by the Grand Lodge for the past 40 years. (Note: It was actually 45 years. The furniture had been in use in the Grand Lodge continuously from 1904 until 1948 inclusive. The furniture originally cost the Grand Lodge $4,094.13. In a letter from The Most Worshipful Grand Secretary of The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas, George H. Belew, dated January 19, 1950, Bro. Belew states “From a check of the records you will see many outstanding men and Masons have occupied the chairs and presided at the various stations.”) Upon due motion it was unanimously voted to purchase the above mentioned furniture.

January 17 1950, Bro. H. T. Davis, Worshipful Master. The WM announced that arrangements had been completed relative to the erection of the new home of Texas Lodge and that the Title Company wanted a Board of Trustees comprised of ten. The following named brethren volunteered to serve on the Board with the understanding that each one who served was to stand good for 10% of the indebtedness in the event that Texas Lodge defaulted on their payments. The ten are: A. R. Bell, James W. Blunt, G. R. Craig, Ira L. Culpepper, H. T. Davis, B. B. Fox, Dan Gates, H. H. Kurth, F. E. Moak, James T. Moak, W. A. Orts, Roger Phillips, Floyd F. Prozanski, Glen A. Prucia, E. P. Schmidt, Wayne C. Simpson, Carl M. Stockton, and Jesse F. Tyson. Upon due motion it was unanimously passed that these names would be submitted to the Title Company and the ten they selected would be the Trustees of Texas Lodge’s new building.

April 4, 1950, Bro. H. T. Davis, Worshipful Master. Upon due motion the Lodge voted the Building Committee authority to sell the unused property at Turner and Washington Streets, if a buyer was obtained. The minimum price being $3,000.00, and if sold, the money is to be applied on the new building of Texas Lodge.

June 20, 1950, Bro. H. T. Davis, Worshipful Master. The following officers were elected and the open installation was scheduled on Saturday evening, June 24, 1950 at 8:00 PM:

Wm. L. Baker Worshipful Master
G. R. Craig Senior Warden
George Price Junior Warden
Glen A. Prucia Treasurer
Jesse F. Tyson Secretary
Walter E. Boehme Chaplain
Roger Phillips Senior Deacon
A. R. Bell Junior Deacon
E. P. Schmidt Senior Steward
H. H. Kurth Junior Steward
Lloyd F. Harrison Marshall
James T. Moak Tiler

It was also announced that Texas Lodge would dedicate their new building Wednesday, June 21, 1950 at 4:00 PM