Minutes of the First Stated Meeting

January 4, 1924; first meeting.

A Master Mason’s Lodge was duly opened by Past Grand Master Nat M. Washer at 8:30 P.M. assisted by Bro. M. A. Forbes as Marshall; District Deputy Grand Master Lonnie Irvine as S.W.; Guy Cude, W. M. of Anchor Lodge No. 424, as J. W.; Horace Kelton, P. M. of Anchor Lodge as S. D.; and O. P. Carr, P. M. of San Antonio Lodge No. 1079 as J. D.

The lodge being duly constituted Bro. Washer announced that it would be necessary to elect a Senior Warden to serve the lodge. Bro. Roy T. Goodwin was then nominated and elected to serve as S. W. to take the place of our beloved Bro. W. A. Thurman named in the Charter as S. W. and who had passed on to his reward in the Celestial Lodge above.
The following officers were then duly installed:

D. N. Cushing, Worshipful Master
Roy T. Goodwin, Senior Warden
J. E. Crabb, Junior Warden
Samuel R. Knight, Treasurer
W. D. Tuberville, Secretary
H. T. Alves, Senior Deacon
T. L. McClanahan, Junior Deacon
P. B. Hill, Chaplain
C. H. Vaughan, Senior Steward
R. M. Dorchester, Junior Steward
J. B. McIntosh, Tiler
Juo W. Ellis, Marshall

After the officers were installed, Bro. Washer gave a most interesting address, using as a part of it, notes from the laying of the cornerstone of our great Washington Memorial at Washington D. C. Many other interesting talks were made by the various Past Masters, Masters, other officers and members of the different lodges represented. An address was also given by G. J. W. Childress.

The following petitions were received and referred to the committees named on the petitions as filed:

Leewellyn Cartwright Johnston for the Degrees
Louis Herbert Martin for the Degrees
Richard George Pfeffer for the Degrees
Guy Columber Holder for the Degrees
Leslie Wade Douegan for the Degrees

Beautiful baskets of flowers sent to the Lodge on this occasion by Alamo Lodge No. 44, Perfect Union Lodge No. 10, and San Antonio Chapter No. 381 R.A.M. and by Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Hafferney. The Secretary was instructed to write a letter of thanks to each of these for their kind remembrance.

The Lodge was then duly closed and the brethren repaired to the Eastern Star room where delicious refreshments of sandwiches, coffee and cake were served.

Attested To by:
W. D. Tuberville Secretary
D. N. Cushing Worshipful Master